So tonite at work, we ordered in food for dinner. I had the biggest jones for Buffalo Chicken Wings…I mean I was jonesing them all day long. I ordered BUFFALO Chicken Fingers. And I have to tell you I was sooooo excited.

Well they delivered the food and I open up my dinner and there they sat…regular old chicken fingers…there was NOTHING Buffalo about them.

I felt like someone just pulled the Rug Right Out From Underneath me! It was a huge f***ing disappointment. I could have called and had them bring the right stuff…but by the time that happened it would have been time for me to leave work. I just felt stiffed. It ruined the rest of my nite at work…I have to tell you, I wasn’t pleasant after that. AND worst of all I still have a HUGE jonesing for BUFFALO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW…where did the word jonesing come from??? anyone?

So that is my rant for the nite. Nothing earth shattering…just enough to ruin my nite though.


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