Happy Hour = Hobby???

My best friend Mary listed Happy hour as one of her Hobbies…her mom told her that wasnt a hobby. So now she is fishing for a new hobby. WHY???? There is no reason to find a new hobby. Happy Hour is a perfectly respectable Hobby!

Who ever said HAPPY HOUR is NOT a Hobby is INSANE!! no offense to your mom mary. I mean come on, from the lady that drinks martinis in the afternoon…she should know

Happy Hour could potentially be one of the best Hobbies out there.

What more could you ask for: BEER. MEN. BEER. MEN. DRUNK. MORE MEN. then MORE BEER.

oops do i sound like an alcoholic.

Anyways my point is HAPPY HOUR is a damn good HOBBY!!!

CRAP….I think that HAPPY HOUR might be an ART FORM!


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i am just a midwestern girl living in the big city where i belong, happy and... View all posts by Karin "CoCo"

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