I – L – L I – N – I

I – L – L I – N – I

http://www.bighitbuda.com/illini/Tha Illini (remix 0506).mp3

THA I-L-L-I-N-I Remix
Lyrics by: Brad Turner
Copyright 2005 Brad Turner
Yes Indeed It Was a….Wild Ride!!!
We Comin Back Hard…Eyez Still on tha Prize
Iss a New Year… Big 10 STILL Up in Here
_n Ain’t Goin Nowhere…(Like Gene Keady’s Hair!!!)
Frustrate Whateva Coach We Face
Dee for Three…….Money in tha Bank
Now They Say We Underrated??? Dass Crazy az Hell_
(sLike Choosin Frozen Pizzaz Over Papa Del’s!!!)
Storm tha Floor 2 Quick on Our Feet
U’ll Meet Defeat U Reach We Teach
Competition Hear Dis Beat…They Gon Fear It
Got That U of I Spirit???
Then Come On Let’s Hear It

Our Fans are Insane They Don’t Miss a Game
It’s Crazy Here sWhy Teams Hate 2 Play in Tha Paign
Tha Whole Game All U Hear is OOOOOOHHHHH!!!_
We All in Tha Front Row Poundin on tha Flo
Non-Believaz Step Off Campus
Do Like Bill Take YaSelf 2 Kansas
Come 2 Champaign Think We Can’t Ball???
_Dass Like Not See-in Orange in Assembly Hall
We Rock So Much Orange U Can’t See tha Rim
Wear Another Color??? They Won’t Let U In
We Get Teamz Against tha Ropes Wit Alley Oops n Dunks
Then Have tha Fan Wit tha Fist Throw tha Knock Out Punch

Everybody Thinks I’m on tha Bandwagon Ride
I Got U of I Pride til I Die
Luther n Deron are Makin Dat Cheddar
_But We Still Got D, Auggie, n Bruce Webber
Outcondition Opposition Iss da Big 10 Champs
Iss tha Re-mix
I Wanna See U Dance
This Year Got Revenge on tha Heels
_On Top of That, We Did it in Chapel Hill
Come Down tha Lane…U Gettin Stuffed
We Runnin Ova Teams Leavin em Orange Krushed
We Winnin Anyway When They Think We Can’t


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