T -10 days UNTIL I MOVE to NYC

T -10 days UNTIL I MOVE to NYC
Current mood: crazy

I am MOVING to NYC on March 27th!! My last day at work at the Mansfield Home Depot is March 25th.

It is all happening so fast!!! But I am so excited, I am moving all my stuff into a storage unit tomorrow!! Taking the train down on the 27th and then my brother and his fiance are bring my bed and the rest of the little stuff i need to survive for a few months down the weekend after that!

Hopefully Jen and I will be outta the small studio apt in a few months into a 2 bedroom and I can move the rest of my stuff down!!
Time to start my life again…I feel like it has been on hold for the past 8 months! I have met some really great people and some life long friends and I will you all soooo much..but I am only a short drive or train ride away and you guys are always welcome!!!

WATCH out NYC here I come!!!!


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