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Alright..so I have now been in NYC for 4 days now. Alot has happened and alot has not happened. BUT I am going back to Mass tomorrow……yep takin the train back…

Fooled you all!! NOT to go back for good, I am loading up a UHAUL on Saturday and bringing all my stuff down. My friend Jenn and I got an apartment yesterday! It was crazy and exciting how it all happened. We just decided to walk around yesterday in her neighborhood in the Bronx and browse through apartments just to get a feel for what was out there and how much 2 bedrooms were. Well, we stumbled across this amazing 3 bedroom that is enourmous and the bottom part of a house. We even have a yard!!! Our upstairs neighbors are awesome and so is our landlord. AND we got the place for a steal!!! It is all newly renovated, it is great! We painted the bathroom tonite…our first fun apartment adventure!

I even have a huge walk in closet and for all of those that know me well…this is an important, important fact!

As for the job front, I am getting started at the Manhattan Home Depot tomorrow…hopefully. All of you that work there know how Home Depot HR is and it is just as crappy here. There store is absolutely amazing, I feel like I am working in bloomingdales or something, and it is right in the heart of Manhattan. I have about a 45 minute subway ride in the morning…but no biggie to me.

Jenn and I went to the Home Depot in Yonkers tonite, which was another option for me and it was HORRIBLE…gross, dirty, old…i think i would die if i had to work there.

As for legal work, I am working with the temp agencies and hopefully something will land on my plate in the next week or 2. That is what they are saying at least!

So everything is great!! Jenn and I wont have to live on top of each other in her studio very much longer…only one more day.

I do miss all of you up in Mass…and just looking around the store the past 2 times I have been in there, they dont seem the same…oh and the fact that I may be the only WHITE GIRL that works there!!! ALSO we have a DRESS CODE, slacks and black shoes. no more t-shirts and capris for me, or pink sneakers. Will you all tell Sean that there is NOT a lumber dept…not even a lumber cart in site…it is crazy. I will have to take pics for you all!!!!

LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL!!!! and i will see some of you tomorrow nite when i roll back in town for a few minutes!


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