Karin in the City .3

Karin in the City .3
Current mood: busy

Alright I have officially been in the City for over a week now! My apartment and unpacking is coming very slowly. Trying to get it done around work….hmmmm….probably will be a year before I get it all done. Just kidding, i think my roomie Jenn would kill me.

So I started the Manhattan Home Depot on Sunday…its different, not bad, but just different. I will be there part time and they brought me in as a regular cashier because the front end supervisor wasnt sure she wanted a part time head cashier…well after what 4 days of working there, she has decided that she wants me to be a part time head cashier. Guess I just kick ass like that or somethin. hahaha. Got my meetings set up with the legal temp agencies and those jobs should be startin soon.

So Monday on my way to work on the Subway, I had a little man get off the train and stand outside the window and blow kisses at me…good times. good times. That day I also had a customer ask me out for coffee…I think he was amazed to see a white girl working there…because I have to tell you I know I am a minority and may be the only younger white female workin there. I turned him down…got someone special right now…..

Yesterday on the subway…long story short…i had a man sitting next to me jacking off….if you want to know the whole story…just ask…but it is NYC, cant expect much else.

For all you Home Depot peeps, the VP of Home Depot was in our store today…big huge deal. Everyone was going nuts! I didnt see him, but he was there wandering around…so maybe I did see him who knows. Everyone there is friendly, but they are not you guys. I had to open today and before the store opened they have an associate meeting and they did the CHEER…but a lil bit different….give me an H, you got your H, your got your H…you get the picture. AND they introduced me as the new transfer from Massachusetts…how fun…NOT. And trust me…as with any new girl that starts at the store…all the guys are fallin all over themselves to help me. PIGS. hahaha

So today at lunch, I took a stroll in the pouring rain turned into snow in April down Park Avenue. Pretty freakin cool….I am here, I am here in the CITY! Where I have wanted to be for a long time now!!! Feels good.

I put some pics up on the page of my new digs out in the Bronx. We are plannin a house warming party for a weekend in mid-May…would love to have all you mass peeps down!!
alright more unpacking to do, crap it is almost 8 and I have done nothing but eat dinner and I got off work at 3:45. grrrrrrrrrr…..unpackin, unpackin, unpackin, unpackin…..gots to do it.


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