Karin in the City .4

Karin in the City .4
Current mood: cranky

So what this is my 3rd week here in NYC now….I love it. I love walkin to the subway every morning (or jumping on the BX34 bus if i am running late), riding the subway with my headphones on. I love it, one thing I always enjoyed when I lived in the Netherlands was my commute to and from work…it is me time. Time for me to think, time for me to blank out, time for me to read, time for me to make lists of things to do, time for me to talk on the phone (until we go underground and i lose service)…just time, time for ME!

I have met with 3 temp agencies now and have appointments for 2 more. Two have long term temp jobs that they want me to do and the other has been actively calling and looking for me. So, I am expecting to have something soon, hopefully next week….

The Home Depot sucks…some people are finally being nice to me but I am definitely an outsider – meaning blonde hair, white female and the only part time Head Cashier. Some are really nice to me (especially some guys…) but some are down right nasty…oh well being the new girl on the block isnt always easy.

however…in my neighborhood…being the new girl on the block makes for many many many many free drinks at the pub….wow…did i have a lot of beer this weekend and not sure i paid for any of it…also met a judge with one eye that wore a patch…that was cool. he loved me.

i have found myself wandering down park ave, madison ave, lexington ave…it is amazing…i am here. i was in grand central station today just walking through to go to a meeting….funny where lifes twists and turns take you. And I AM HAPPY! I love it here and I am glad I made this decision.
I love walking down to the little market down the block to get milk, i love stopping and getting a slice of pizza on my walk home from work, or stopping and getting coffee and random delis..i love my coffee.
I miss 2609 and all you guys there…extremely, nothing like you guys at all in 6177. nothin at all.
I miss some one in particular, i do get to see him very soon though and i cant wait and the messages he leaves me are enough for now….because he is amazing.
I miss Pammy…wish you were hear and cant wait to see you.
i also miss knowing where all my clothes are….but i guess i never did in Massachusetts either…hopefully on my next days off thurs and sun i will get my bedroom all straightened out…however i did find my sex and the city dvds that i have been searching for, for over a year now.
well, i am sick today, grouchy with a sore throat and my body aches, but despite all that i couldnt be happier. I am off to bed. until next time….when my adventure continues.


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