Karin in the CIty .6

Karin in the CIty .6
Current mood: indescribable

Well, I finally started workin as a Lawyer, after a little bit of a delay. I was supposed to start a week ago, but I started yesterday. It is not too bad so far, the case I am working on is interesting at least. People are nice, pay is good, hours a flexible…good stuff.

Except for the fact that I have been staring at a computer screen since 8:00am and it is now 4:20…oooo…good time. My eyes havent hurt like this since I was in my internship in the Netherlands staring at the computer screen all day. I guess this is going to be my life for awhile. In a room with no windows, horrible lighting, lines of tables with computers – it is like a lawyer factory. Some people have plants, even fish in the little area. Weird. Maybe I will bring in something…hmmm…ANY IDEAS????

Yesterday was my first day, worked 10-5, then walked to the Home Depot and worked 5:30-8:30. On my walk there, I saw Mecca – Louis Vuitton on 5th Avenue…AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Bright lights flashed at me!! Some Day soon, i will be able to walk in there and buy me somethin nice.

No real weird encounters as of late…just livin life and enjoying it. Bob came to visit this past weekend, it was a GREAT!!! weekend!!! We did have an experience on the subway with a homeless man whose leg was all gross and smelled soooooooo bad, i thought i was going to die. I just puked a lil in my mouth thinkin about it.

Can you believe I have been here a month now?? I have to tell you all I am happy, very very very happy.

in a few weekends, i get to see my lawschool girls, i am sooo excited for our girls weekend.

then Jenn and I are having a house-warming/my birthday BBQ the first weekend in June- details to come…

then my birthday weekend and I get to see my MA peeps…woo hoo!

I am finally getting somewhat settled. I have put a huge dent in my mounds and mounds of storage totes. I think I only have about 5 left with clothes in it, 3 with shoes, 2 with handbags, and probably about 10-12 with misc, decor, books, etc. Who knows when I am going to finish now that two jobs are taking up all my time, but I will and hopefully soon!!!!

alright back to work…got another 2 hours to put in…then out for some drinks…


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