Karin In the City .7

In the City .7
Current mood: bored

So now i have been here over a month. Been working at my new job for almost 2 weeks.Cutting back hours at the Depot. However, right now between the 2 jobs i am working about 60-65 hours a week. could be worse, i guess.

however, i still am working on unpacking..i had a nice dent in everything, but havent touched it since i started working….it will happen soon. i suppose.

Had a great Cinco de mayo!! Kissed the Statue of the Bull on Wall Street – got a pic! It will be posted soon, oh dont you worry!!! Been having way too much fun. Spent saturday afternoon with Valerie just hanging out in Central Park and catchin some rays, then we had a nice dinner at a little cafe on the sidewalk. (buzz kill was I had to go to work at the Depot that nite) – wasnt ALL bad though…dont mind seeing some people that work there.

my roomie is in the Dominican Republic this week, a little lonely without her. No one to go grab a Magners with at the pub around the corner. AND i HATE that she is laying on the beach while i am stuck in an office with no windows…oh well…c’est la vie!

As I always say…I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! My life is good. God has blessed me with good fortune, good friends and GOOD FAMILY!

this weekend my girls from lawschool are coming to NYC for our girls weekend. I am so excited to see Mary, Linda, and Kiki!! Friday nite we are going to a broadway show and then out on the town and then saturday we are heading back to my pad in the BX, to BBQ, drink and meet IRISH MEN (Right Kiki??).

gotta go back to do some more work….grrrrrr…here until 6 and then off to the Depot….can’t wait to quit there at the end of July!!!


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