The Weekend in the City with My Girls

The Weekend in the City with My Girls
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Well, Mary, Linda, Kiki and I had this weekend planned since way back in January. We planned a girls weekend to NYC. Kiki coming from North Carolina, Mary and Linda from upstate and I was supposed to be coming from Mass. But since I moved to NYC, what almost 2 months ago now – I was already here. It didnt ruin our weekend though.

We all met at the Mariott on Lex Ave around 4:30 Friday afternoon – with a bottle of champagne waiting to toast our weekend off. Hugs, stories, drinks, quickly got our renunion started. We all realized quickly that Mary and I hadnt seen Keiasha since a year ago February – my how time flies when you have to grow up and graduate from law school!

We went down the street to get a slice, so we wouldnt get too drunk with empty stomachs – hahahahaha – oh too drunk! NOT! Beer with dinner, vodka and cran while getting ready, shots sof tequila – OH did I tell you that we were going to a Broadway show!!!!!!! We went to see 3 Days of Rain – with Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper (oh so hot), and Paul Rudd (my new boyfriend – hehe). We got all dressed up and headed out. Of Course we were all feeling a little bit tipsy and we started our picture taking early – i think last number I saw we took like 150 pics this weekend.

Once they opened the doors to the show – GUESS where we headed??? The bar – more beer – and oh yeah – for Mary and I – shots of Gin out of the pretty blue bottle – Ben the Bartender filled those to the rim and then refilled them! He also informed us that we could prepay for drinks and they would be ready for us and set aside at Intermission – OH, WELL – You DO NOT TELL THIS TO MARY AND KARIN – OH NO!!! So the two of us ordered up our Intermission shots of Gin – SMART IDEA – really smart – NOT! The Show was ok – Bradley and Paul were HOTTTT! Intermission came, we had our shots and the BEST part, Mary and I slept in our seats/passed out the whole second half of the show – yup, freakin classy baby! definitely – and oh yeah I threw up at the end of the show. Good STUFF!!

Anyways – up and at ’em the show was over and We found ourselves in a throng of people waiting for the “stars” to come on. I dont remember Julia coming out at all. But as soon as Bradley Cooper and Paul Rudd came out – BAM – I was awake!! Mary somehow got by the barricade, got up close shots of Bradley for Kiki (because she loves him) and his autograph. So, me being me, I had to be up there too!! So, i “pushed” my way through the crowd and got up there too. Paul Rudd talked to me and I have two great shots where he was posing for me and looking right at me!!! My new boyfriend…ahhhh……WOW that was fun! Check out my pics on my page in the slide show!

Anyways we headed back to the hotel – too drunk to be going anywhere but there!! All I remember after that was Keiasha and I laying in bed screaming – its Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Where you at, where you at. And talking about Family Guy for at least an hour, and Maybe a few Napoleon quotes were thrown in too….Good thing Mary passed out and slept through it all and SORRY LINDA for keeping you up! I also BLAME the three of them for any drunken phone calls I made, they were supposed to have kept my phone away from me!! hahahaha, I am sneaky.

Saturday we all woke up and miracuously with NO hangover. We packed up and headed out to my place in the BX. Lunch at the diner around the corner and then back to my house for more drinking – We sat on the front stoop for hours, hanging out, telling stories and just catching up. Jenn my roomie hung all day, as did Jimmie, Eddie, and our neighbor Pete! Vero and Tina also came by to hang. Ended the perfect day, with 6 (Me, Mary, Linda, Kiki, Jenn, and Jimmie) of us laying in my bed talking crap. I love me girls and I miss you all!! It was such a great weekend, almost perfect! Even pizza at midnite in bed! Sweet!

BEST WEEKEND BY FAR! and of course here in this BLOG, will I never ever disclose EVERYTHING that went on! hahahaha – somethings just stay between the 4 of us!!

It was so sad to drop Kiki off at LaGuardia and then I dropped Linda and Mary off at Metro-North. I can’t believe how much our lives have changed over the past almost 2 years – However, None of us HAVE changed- when we are together, we are just us! Nothing ever changes – YOU THREE I LOVE YOU – YOU ARE MY SOULMATES! I don’t need anyone else!

Can’t wait for our October Trip to NC!!!!!!!!! But, I hope it is not that long until we all our together again.

I miss our times together Ladies, and I am so sad that all we have a few weekends here and there. I love you.


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