Trauma in the City

Trauma in the City
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so you think your first injury in the city might be significant, you think NYC you think maybe a mugging or a robbery, or something of that sort…OH NO NOT ME!!! ME…i cut my finger to the bone while sitting at home trying to cut some cheese.

however it was 9:00pm and i didnt want to spend the whole nite in the emergency room for a few stitches. so my roomie, Jenn and I bundle up my profusely bleeding finger. And one of my co-workers, who is also an EMT was on IM, she told me what to do and I was all good to go. OR so i thought. Woke up this morning and the bleeding ahd stopped was feeling good and I get to work and my EMT co-worker, takes a look and I am off and bleeding again all over. She said it was definitely deep enough and i should have gotten stitches. she put butterfly bandages on it, but man does it hurt and it is still gushing away. I told them all that dont mind me if i am an airhead today, it is all the blood loss. gotta have some donuts to keep my blood sugar up…hehe. NOT.

anyways…at least i have this cool bandaid from the netherlands holding the gauze on…it ha duckies on it. i should take a picture for you all…but i wont.

so anyways – my first trauma in the City..should have gone to the hospital, i guess…so everyone keeps telling me. BUT OH WELL!!!! Now i will have one more cool scar…


i always knew i should stay away from the kitchen and cooking…

life…its full of cuts and bruises.


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