Attorney in the City

Attorney in the City
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WORK – interesting…..very interesting.

So right now I am working as a contract attorney. I have a pretty good gig. I am working for Tyco International, Ltd. on the major securities litigation. Great resume builder, great experience, long term (which most of these contract jobs are NOT). However, the people WEIRD! I mean weird! Is this what happens to you when you stay in the contract attorney world too long???? NYC is full of contract attorneys – contract attorney meaning working different jobs for a exaboritant hourly rate and most are temp or short term. The one I found is very long term and not so much temp, but more like forever if i wanted it to be. However, I don’t want it to be. Maybe like 6 mths to a year to make some kick ass money and pay off some bills and then on my way to finding a permanent job with another corp or firm.

When i first started working here…almost 4 weeks ago now…we were in a different office location, really nice building right in Times Square area. HOWEVER, my desk not so much a desk, it was a plastic folding table, that the computer had melted therefore it bowed and my keyboard rocked when i typed on it. And the room had no windows…just florescent lights, but half of them shut off. I felt like i was in a dungeon.

Last Monday we moved office loctions and now we are in a better office space, not a better area of Manhattan, but at least I have a cubicle type space. Soon, to be decorated and made my own… I have a cactus plant thing that looks like a palm tree. (named “Francesca”) Now that the -24 degree air con is not blowing directly on it, it may have a chance of survival…oh yea and me too. Most days I was like a popsicle, I asked a few people if they would lick me to tell me what flavor, but they all declined…at least they enjoyed my humor.

The people – there is coral sweater girl (wears one everyday), freak boy (clomps his feet and never ever sits down), plant lady (10,000 plants and sprays them with a water bottle, her screen saver is even plants), chia head/whack a mole (who pops up over his cubicle every 2 minutes asking questions – dude did not know how to refresh the internet), tony danza (looks just like him swear to god), bizzaro carolyn (kinda looks like my office friend carolyn but complete opposite of her), J-lew/BB (bubble boy gay man who sits in glass office and runs all over the place constantly checking the computers and has this weird random chart, he is very stressed), this other weird girl that i wont go into too much detail on because I could devote a whole blog to her…, whippy (who got into 2 car accidents in one morning AND only dates men of a certain net worth), ohhhh i could go on and on. And my 2 girlfriends in the office and I have a field day on IM talking about all these weird people. We just sit with our headphones on and work and try to not get sucked into the craziness. There was a lady with a fish, I feel as if I cannot say anything odd about her, even though she was a little odd, but she passed away at the end of last week from shingles.

any hoo – work is work and i guess no matter what office you are in there are crazy people, and frankly who would keep me entertained all day!!

oh i almost forgot J-Lew/BB told me the other day that my “BELT WAS EFFN SNAZZY” that is right he said “effn snazzy”

ahh i guess it is time to get back to work because the work program is back up and running and I dont have a good excuse for not working…



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