Workin my Ass off in the City

Workin my Ass off in the City
Current mood: crazy

So I haven’t blogged in awhile, so this one might be long. I have been working so much, it has been crazy, I think the only time I am home is to sleep at nite. OH well…I can’t complain too much, life is good and I still have some time to have fun (I mean come on, how could I live without a little bit of fun!!)

Let’s see my last Blog was….on May 23rd…that was awhile ago. I will start with DANCE LESSONS! This past Sunday little George taught us how to Cha Cha Cha. And IF I MUST say so myself, I was pretty good. By far the one I am the best at out of the three we have learned. I could Cha Cha Cha all day long. WOO HOO!! I also got to partner up with George, since we were minus 1 in our lessons (Talia was off Pearl Jamming it).

After Dance Lessons, us ladies headed off to Little Italy, for some dinner, drinks, and site seeing (meaning it was FLEET WEEK and we wanted to check out some men in uniform – ahhhhhhh good times). It was a beautiful evening and we sat outside, had sangrias and checked out hot men. NOW that is what i call a PERFECT nite!!! It being Memorial day the next day, Jenn and I decided to extend our drinking back to the pubs by our house. I admit I was gone, I mean gone. LOADED! One of those nites that I kept my sunglasses on, and I thought every man was latino that had dark hair (mind you we live in a completely Irish neighborhood). Oh WELL, met myself a Brit, so that was fun! And Taco Bell cured all the next day! Thank God, for Taco Bell!!!

PAMMY also visited that weekend. She got in Friday nite. She was supposed to get in at 10:45 which wasn’t too bad. I was just hanging out with Quentin after work at the Depot having a few drinks. However, her train was super duper delayed and she didnt get in until after 1:00AM. Therefore, Quentin and I were absolutely hammered by the time she got in. Quentin being the gentleman that he is, went with me to Penn Station with me to get her and rode home with us on the Subway. We didnt get back to my place until close to 3AM. The bad thing about that WAS I was supposed to be at the depot at 6:30am which meant I had to get up at 4:30AM – UMMM NOT! I was bad, I was a no call no show! Oh well. Counting the days until I quit there anyways….maybe I should put one of those count down things on my page. Saturday day Pammy and I walked through Central Park – where I found my NEW FAVORITE Association – the Central Park Dance Skating Association – man these peeps could really shake their things on their rollerskates/blades. We also strolled through Times Square (again more checking out of men in UNIFORM). Sunday we spent the day at the Bronx Zoo before she headed back to Massachusetts. (check out my new pic from the Zoo!)

Lets see what else – oh random SUBWAY sketchiness – –> Old Man across from me spreads his legs – big rip in crotch – saw tighty whities and balls hanging out of tighty whities – NASTY!! –>Yesterday, white guy sitting next to Dominican Guy who had headphones on, White guy told Dominican guy to turn his music down because he could hear it and it was disturbing him while he was reading his magazine. When white boy got off train he walked like he had pole stuck up his ass. I would have jacked him if he was that rude to me.

WORK is going well – I have made friends here, we chat on IM together all day, talking about everyone else in the office, we go for drinks together – makes life a little bit easier and the day go by faster. However, today is going to be sooo slow, because all of them are out of the office today…. There are some other girls that are pretty cool too. I am working on a deposition project which is so much better than basic doc review.

BBQ this weekend for our house warming and my bday – it is supposed to RAIN!

MY BDAY is a WEEK FROM TODAY!!! and I am NOT turning 28, I am turning 26 – rollin back the clock. yep yep!! we are celebrating this saturday and next wednesday and probably every other day too – i like to stretch my bday celebrations out!! why not???

My actual bday will be spent working 10 joyous hours and then home to hop in my car and make a 3 hour trek to Massachusetts. My mom and dad will be there from Iowa, for a fun-filled weekend of bridal showers, dress fittings, working on my brother’s house, and bachelorette parties – ALL in preparation of my brother’s impending wedding in July. I hate that my bday weekend is going to be ALL ABOUT SOMEONE OTHER THAN ME!!!! Sorry I am selfish!

Oh yea – my FINGER is healing nicely, except that I dont have alot of feeling in the area around the cut and it doesnt bend so well…but SEE i didnt need to go to the hospital – i took good care of it all by myself

Well, I should get back to work…I guess. If I think of anything else, I will drop ya another blog!!!! lata

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