Miserable in the City

Miserable in the City
Current mood: grumpy

Why I don’t know, really…I have no clue. It really has nothing to do with anything or the City. I think I am coming down off the high I was on for the last week and a half celebrating my birthday. And as my t-shirt I am wearing today says – “I need a Vacation” OR lots of alcohol whatever works. ANYONE WANT TO DRINK WITH ME TONITE????

also for the most part my weekend in Massachusetts was miserable – except seeing my friends on Saturday nite and the people at the HD up there. I mean it was nice to see my parents, because I hadnt seen them since Christmas. But for some reason they were up my butt about this or that. My brother seemed miserable too…in a bad mood. Except when he was drinking – hahaha and I am the one with the drinking problem, riiiiighhhhtt???? Damn impending wedding. I think it has everyone going crazy. All I know, the whole time I was there, I didnt want to be there. I just wanted to get back to the City as soon as possible.

However, my daddy (and my mom too) gave my a beautiful diamond knecklace for my bday – to go with the diamond tennis bracelet they gave me last bday. And of course starbucks and dunkin donuts giftcards to support my other drinking habit – Coffee.

anyways after doing some work and getting a phone call from a friend, i feel a little better…some friends are good for lifting your spirits and sometimes a friend’s horrible weekend makes you laugh and makes you weekend look not quite so bad. thanks for the story buddy. here’s to crazy biatches!!! you made my whole day with that story!! i will be laughing my ass off for days about that one. love ya babe!

anyways…as for my miserable blog…i am done with it. back to lovin my life, hahaha


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