MAD RUSH FOR DONUTS in the Office…ridiculous

MAD RUSH FOR DONUTS in the Office…ridiculous
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so just about 20 minutes ago, they made an announcement that there were DONUTS in the kitchen AND seriously, I am DEAD SERIOUS when I say this… at least 10 people jumped up from their desks and SPRINTED into the Kitchen. DEAD SPRINT into the KITCHEN for a donut!!! I mean I like a good donut now and then, but to RUN for them – because OH CRAP they might run out!!!

I thought there was going to be a stampede and that all of the cubicles were going to collapse. My cubicle walls definitely teetered for a bit…

then it seems that donuts coming into the office, means that it is time for everyone to stand around those of us that did not peel our asses off our seats to eat those fattening round delicious pieces of dough and wave their donuts around in our faces while talking very loudly and have social time.

there is a reason those select few of us did not run for donuts…we are trying to not become fatties while we sit at our desks for 10 hours a day…seriously!!

Eventually I got up and meandered into the Kitchen. Hoping that my craving for the donuts would be beat by them being all eaten by the previous stampede of co-workers. However, there were still BOXES and BOXES of Dunkin Donuts – which in turn disgusted me and I turned right back out and walked back to my desk. NO donut for ME!!

I can’t believe that my co-workers created a stampede to get to the donuts, when there are like 10,000 left…



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