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Last nite my roomie and i headed out to Jones Beach out on Long Island To go see Nine Inch Nails in concert. NOW my roomie was absolutely blitzed from drinking basically straight vodka while watching the US v. Italy World Cup game when I went to pick her up at the bar. However, she was drunk enough that she was hilarious, making it okay that I was dead sober.

Nine Inch Nails – a band that I only really knew the song “Closer” and remembering when we were younger my brother bought their CD and my mom confiscated it because she would not have that KIND OF MUSIC in HER HOME!

Jenn, my roomie, has been listening to them non-stop and bought these tix to go see them in concert. So I was like sure I will go I always love a good concert and it was at Jones Beach Theatre, which is outdoors – HELLO IT IS SUMMER and ANYTHING OUTSIDE I AM UP FOR!!!

Anyways, we get out there, what we think is an hour early, so we stop at a pub, get some food, i kick back a beer and then we head to the concert. We get there easily enough and we have VIP parking – which the little parking lot director guy was trying to be all cute and said he would tell us where we needed to go, if he could have the driver – ME – i looked at him and said “SERIOUSLY TELL US WHERE WE NEED TO GO BECAUSE SHE WILL SELL ME TO YOU IF SHE MISSES TRENT BECAUSE OF YOU!!!” so off we zoomed in the right direction. we park and get out and what do we hear but NIN playing already and playing Jenn’s favorite song ONLY. we sprinted across the parking lot (which was far because we parked right by the exit so we could get out easy at the end). We got inside and near our seats to hear the end of ONLY. The rest of the concert was amazing – it was a gorgeous nite, Trent Reznor looked hot as hell, the music was amazing. We jammed out sooo hard. IT WAS AMAZING. NIN played for an hour and half, but we felt like we were there for seriously 20 minutes. Jones Beach Theatre is a great venue…and NIN RULED last nite.

here is a pic from the concert last nite:

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The two of us were amazed and on a natural high. We jammed out with our windows down listening to NIN on the way home….UNTIL….buzz kill…i rear-ended some chic. We were all fine, her car was fine, my poor little SIGGIE is crunched up a little bit in the Hood area. Poor car….nothing i could do…she slammed on her breaks in the middle of the Long Island Expressway and I slammed mine on too and skidded right into her…I knew as soon as she put her breaks on I was going to hit her…oh well, huh c’est la vie. Kinda killed our moods…but didnt RUIN THE KICK ASS CONCERT WE SAW.

and today, i got to lay in central park all afternoon and get some sun, i love summer…love it. mmmm…however i am stuck at work for the evening. ughh.

Currently listening :
Every Day Is Exactly The Same
By Nine Inch Nails
Release date: By 04 April, 2006

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