Rain in da City

Rain in da City
Current mood: annoyed

So it is Raining, raining, raining, raining. WHY on my SATURDAY OFF???? MUST IT RAIN!! All week long it is so nice out and I spent hour after hour sitting at my desk at work. My day off – RAIN! I just want a nice brown tan…now some peope may say but Karin you have a tan…well dammit I want to be darker!!!

SO anyways, I was sitting in my apartment, looking at the boxes piled high to my ceiling in my room, that have yet to be unpacked…my clean laundry still not put away. But I am too tired from working all week to exert any engery to work on these tasks around my apartment. All plans I had made for myself (in my mind) ruined by the rain – 1) being Flea Market in Hell’s Kitchen (to scavenge for some vintage finds) and 2) laying out in Central Park. So, I thought to myself why not go sit in the office and play on the internet, do some work and get paid lots of dough on this dreadful afternoon!! So that is where I am…in the office. I guess better than being in a pub drinking. (MAYBE) I also got suckered into working at the Home Depot tonite…so my rainy day will be spent working yet again. My life is work.

However, I should be floating on a boat in Iowa with my brother for his Bachelor Party. Plane tickets were just too expensive and alas I am rained bound in NYC. WHO knew I would prefer to be in Iowa this weekend, NOT ME???? My brother being funny when he gets drunks, called me OH about 10 times last nite. Same message each time (except one which had the guy I went to the senior prom yelling Hi FROM your best prom date ever) – “KARIN THIS IS YOUR BROTHER, I AM AT MY BACHELOR PARTY, PICK UP YOUR PHONE.” each time that was the message, like i could hear him yelling at me, seriously…sometimes i wish i had a house phone and an answering machines for moments like that. I am sad I had my phone on silent and missed all his drunk calls…at least i got a good laugh when i woke up this morning to 7 voice mails and 10 missed calls!

Went to the Bruce Springsteen Concert on Thurs nite at Madison Square Garden with some people from work. IT SUCKED. All his new Folk music, ok I can appreaciate the music, it was good. But ALL we wanted to hear and it would have made the whole concert, was – BORN IN THE USA!!! However, I met a cute Swedish guy, Gabriel, who was sitting next to me. And we hung out afterwards, it was fun!! Swedish men are HOT!

anyways…oh i have another good office story. There was CAKE the other day for some lady’s bday. And they announced that the cake was in the Kitchen (i am seeing a re-occurring theme here…) – so BLONDEY next to me AGAIN took OFF AT A DEAD SPRINT!!! FOR CAKE! I mean I LUV CAKE (more than donuts) but AGAIN SERIOUSLY!!! What is wrong with this girl that she takes off in a dead sprint????? My cubicle walls again shook, I was nervous for a moment…thought you were going to find me in a heap of cubicle and computer. Then I was like OK i want cake, because everyone else rushed for it (because she was the only one that moved very quickly towards the Kitchen). I went over to the Kitchen AND THERE WAS A LINE!!!!!!! A LINE FOR CAKE!!!! I will admit I got in line, BUT ONLY because it was the Really GOOD Carrot cake from the Bistro around the corner. ahh my office funny…sometimes..funny…

OH YES I ALMOST FORGOT – saw the best quote eva yesterday – on the inside heel of a pair of shoes no less – may have to live by this forever – “SHE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST SHOES WINS”

Currently listening :
Born in the U.S.A.
By Bruce Springsteen
Release date: By 25 October, 1990

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