Bad things Happen in THREES, SO where is MY 3RD????

Bad things Happen in THREES, SO where is MY 3RD????
Current mood: cranky
Category: Life

Bad things in threes:

1) My car accident 2 weekends ago….which i still haven’t taken the time to go get an estimate on the damage…i am scared to know…

2) Yesterday morning at 9am I called my mom’s office to tell her what exciting NYC adventure I was having at the moment and her boss answered and said “she is with your dad, why don’t you call your dad.” I thought hmmm that is weird….so I called my dad – they were in the Emergency Room. My mom has a very bad bleeding ulcer, she has lost a lot of blood and they have had to give her blood several times. She will be in the hospital most of the week, please keep her in your prayers. They say it is a good thing they caught it when they did, because she could have bled to death. I told her she needed to stop stressing over Jayson’s impending wedding…she told me I need to call her mom often because I stress her out when I never call and she thinks I am dead in the city. Fair I guess.

3) I guess I am waiting for it…what will it be…..

seems that everytime I have an exciting event the past few weeks, something bad happens to counteract the happiness….


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