Shakespeare in the Park

Shakespeare in the Park
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Some of my co-workers and I have been planning to go to Shakespeare in the Park, which finally came to fruition yesterday! We went to see MacBeth at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park with Liev Schrieber staring as Macbeth.

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Liev put on an AMAZING performance. HE CAN ACT!!!!! and an extra added bonus he is HOTTTT!!!!!!

Yesterday had a forecast for scattered thunderstorms, so we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best…NO RAIN!! which is almost impossible…since it seems to rain everyday here.

The day started with 2 coworkers (Carolyn and Jenn, which we were getting tickets for the 3 of us, Michele, Valerie, and another Jenn) and I meeting at 8 am in Central Park to get in line for tickets. Shakespeare in the Park is a free event and even though the box office does not open until 1pm to get the free tickets people start lining up SUPER early for these coveted tix. We were probably about the 20th group of people in line at 8am…however by box office opening time…the line was (from where i stood) a never ending winding path…

Carolyn and Jenn and I vegged out on the blanket and my portable chair with Sangria, cheese, crackers, humus, donuts, coffee, etc. etc. Carolyn napped, Jenn read, I people watched.

There are even rules for this line…it is crazy. If you leave, you have to go to the end of the line, if someone joins you, to the end of the line, if you swap out with someone, to the end of the line. You can get up and go to the bathroom. You can get food delivered to you. Each person can get 2 tix. And the workers watch the line like a hawk.

We also had entertainment while vegging out and waiting in line for the tickets. One girl in a group of people a few up from us in line, did some tap dancing and stretching. There was a flutist that Carolyn wanted to kill because he woke her up from her nap and the flute is her least favorite instrument. He kept on saying he was a starving artist, I kept saying well I am a starving attorney. I would give him some humus, but not money. All in all it was a good day hanging out in Central Park. I have some pics that I will post as soon as I get them up.

THEN we had to go to the office for 5 1/2 of work (they made me, they drug me back – only to find Ihad NO docs in my que, thereforeno work to do)- but work we did not – we farted around, made another pitcher of sangria for the play that evening. WHICH IN ITSELF WAS an INTERESTING MOMENT IN TIME!!! Long story but ended up with the cork stuck in the wine bottle and having to push a straw thru the cork to syphon it out…. i have pictures dont worry, i will post them!!! Oh what a great office memory!!

Anyways – the play was amazing, the set, Liev Schrieber’s performance and many of the other actors’ performances were outstanding. The nite was beautiful with a great breeze and NO RAIN, until the last few minutes of the play…..when it downpoured on them while they were taking their bows…kind of a dramtic ending to a great nite, i would say. Sometimes the rain isnt so bad, especially when it adds drama!!!

Also a great moment in time not to be forgotten – was when one of the Jenn’s from work tilted her umbrella and all the water standing on top of it dumped on some lady’s head and she started screaming, I thought I was going to pee my pants!!!!!!!!!

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