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“Eamus Catuli” – emblazoned upon a Sheffield Avenue apartment building behind the right-field wall of Wrigley are these words – Latin for – “Let’s Go CUBS!”

Right now Iam reading “Cubs Essential: Everything you Need to Know to be a Real Fan!” My daddy mailed this book to me, with an inscription from him saying “To my Favorite Cub Fan, Karin Rose. From Your Cardinal Fan Dad.”

See being born in Illinois and having all my family members basically born and bred therethe Page/Warner Clan has some very strong and close ties to Illinois Sports teams. The Warnerfamily -Cubs Fans. The Pagefamily – Cardinals Fans. Talk about family controversy. For some reason, WHICH I THANK GOD EVERYDAY, my Dad was never able to taint me with his Cardinal ways and from the day I entered this earth I have been a Cubbie, die hard and true. My poor brother has those evil Cardinal tenticles grab him and he is a lost cause….

Only benefits my brother got…going to see the Cardinals play in St. Louis and getting to see his favorite player Ozzie Smith play. Me on the otherhand, my dad would torture me and only take me to see the Cubs IF and ONLY IF they were playing the Cardinals in St. Louis. Finally in my 20s, he took me to see a Cubs game in Wrigley Field – by that time I had been several times on my own. AND OF COURSE – I NEVER got to see my favorite player play – Ryno. NOPE NEVER. TORTURE and PUNISHMENT for not being a Cardinal fan…someday I will get over it…MAYBE!

I grew up on the Cubs – Ryne Sandberg, Andre Dawson, and Mark Grace – were a few of the very IMPORTANT MEN in my childhood (besides my daddy, grandpas, and my bro). These Men’s faces Graced my baseball cards…I think I had every Ryne Sandberg card out there (where they are now, I have no clue) – he was my first real crush. mmmmmmm. Now my current Cubbie crush – Mark Prior – who wouldnt love him!

It seems that my sports teams are doomed to heartache – continuous heartache for their fans. The Cubbies such a great team to LOVE and WATCH over the years, such a rich historty, a wonderful Ball Park to kick back in the sun, have a beer and a hot dog…no other place I would want to watch a game. But always, always, always, they break my heart. They always do….HOWEVER…I will always be a Cubbie. Never will I turn my back on my Team and My Love for Them and Their rich history. They may not be good this year or last year or probably even next year, but they are the Cubs. I was born with Cubbie blood running through my veins…

Eamus Catuli!

Currently reading:
Cubs Essential: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Real Fan
By Lew Freedman
Release date: By 30 March, 2006


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