Friday nite I was sitting here at work…working late, only a few other guys here in the office.
One of the guys came up to me and said “You know how today was the last day for all those paralegals that worked here?”
I said “No not really but ok?”
He said “look at one of them gave me when she left.”

He hands me a small folded up square of yellow legal pad paper. I open it up and there is a note – just like in Junior High – how freakin sweet……blek!

Note reads:

” Today is my last day here. Perhaps we can meet up in the near Future.

Seriously – STAY YUMMY! – who over the age of 16 writes that????

And in the professional world. I mean we are lawyers and she is a paralegal – how is that right?

BUT I just checked in with the guy and as of now – 5 days later – he is “Keepin Yummy.” I mean it would suck to lose your “Yummy Factor.”

What do you think that Yummy Factor is scaled on? Do you think it is easy to lose??? For my co-worker’s sake, I hope that he keeps on keepin and he STAYS YUMMY for a long time.

P.S. the note is hanging on my cubicle wall and Please remember to STAY YUMMY!


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