Untying of the Orange Apron Strings

After a Year of working at the Home Depot, it is now time to untie the Apron Strings – to let go of what has been my support system in more ways the one for a year now.

On Saturday I will put in my 2 weeks notice, however my unofficial last day will be July 15th. It is a Bittersweet feeling – mixed emotions. Now that I am working fulltime as an attorney – anywhere from 50-70 hours a week – there is no time in my life for the Depot. The Depot provided me with income, the means to make the move to NYC, many many many good friends – family almost.

I spent many of hours in my orange apron this past year and a week from Saturday I will never tie that Orange Apron around me again. In many many ways it is like a weight is lifting off my shoulders and I can not wait to be done with that job.But in some ways – going there at nite keeps me on my feet and for some odd reason is kind of nice after sitting at my desk all day. The friends that I made up at the Massachusetts Home Depot – I have already had to say goodbye to when I moved here – but leaving Home Depot completely makes it feel like I am saying goodbye to them all over again. Also – even though I doubted it severely when I first moved here and started at the Manhattan HD – I have made some friends there too. I know that we will remain friends, the few I have made there, because they are good people and have become a big part of my NYC life.
It is hard to say goodbye to something that has been a big part of my life – I think my first full time job ever….hahahaha.

BUT it is time, time to be just an Attorney, time to have some freedom/free time, time to take my evenings back –


Good-BYE to the HD and I will miss working with my friends that I have Made there…you know who you are and you also know you will stay in my life.

Only HD workers would appreciate the Home Depot Cart on the ceiling of a BAR in Manhattan!


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