The creation of My "BLING BLING" Hair

So before my brother’s wedding on July 21st I decided that I need to get my hair highlighted – you know to look HOTT for the wedding. Being fairly new to NYC, I have not gotten a highlight here yet, so I asked a few co-workers where they went.

One of my co-workers has similar hair coloring to mine so I took her suggestion. Her hair being alot shorter than mine I knew my color would probably cost a little bit more than what hers normally is, but I didnt think it would be out of this world.

I scheduled my appt, went in to the salon, got my hair highlighted and decided I needed a cut too – well I knew how much the cuts were there – so I knew what I was getting into with that. HOWEVER – I did not realize how much the highlight would be…and OMG, OMG – it was astronomical – many people asked me if the highlights had gold flakes in them at that price. Lets just say that my highlights + my cut was over what half a month’s rent was for me. When the lady gave me the total I almost died – seriously I think I had a minor heart attack. I definitely could NOT breathe!!

anyways – i love it – one of the best colors I have ever had and get compliment after compliment but lets just say I am probably NOT going back there again unless I save some big bucks or have another life event coming up! Therefore – the Creation of my BLING BLING Hair!

this is not actually the pic from that day – carolyn and i took pics of my BLING BLING hair that day – but I cannot find them…


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