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well shit…i dont think that i have blogged since way before i left for the wedding on the cape. wow since, hmmm let me check my archives, since July 14th…wow..and that was just pics posted.

Well my life has been pretty busy. I was working crazy hours there for awhile, because July 18th-22nd I was up on the Cape in Massachusetts for my Brother’s wedding which was July 21st. I will tell you in another blog all about my BLING BLING HAIR I got for the Wedding – Ridiculous!!

Tues-Thurs I spent many of hours in the sun and on the beach hanging out with my kickass cousin, Aubrey, wow has she grown up – AND i absolutely love spending time with her!! (my parents rented a convertible for the week and Aub and I stole it one day – to pick up men!!) I also got to spend a lot of time with my family which was cool since we hardly ever get to see each other.

My parents hosted the rehearsal dinner on Thurs nite, clam bake with a DJ – talk about a party!! I was even dancing with Monkeys!! Blow up ones that is. I also opted to give my best man speech at the rehearsal dinner instead of the reception, thought it was more intimate…

The wedding was Friday nite and it was amazing and beautiful and alot of fun! And if i do say so myself, yes i am going to be cocky, i looked GOOD!

saturday was family time and we all just vegged out all day..and then SUNDAY – was NYC tour day for the fam.

ah yes – let me tell you i was tour nazi – we left Mass at 6am to be to the bronx by 9am and to central park by 10:30am from there I had a tight and rigid schedule – my aunt, uncle, and cousin had ONE DAY to see NYC.
here was my crazy Itinerary for Sunday July 23rd in NYC
6:00 AM – leave Attleboro, ma

9:00 AM – arrive at Karin’s house in the Bronx
• Park cars
• Drop off bags
• Walk/take bus to train (4 Train)

10:30 am – Walk thru central park
• Get off at 77th street stop
• Come out in Columbus circle

– From central Park walk by:
• Carnegie Hall
• Radio City music hall
• Rockefeller center
• St. Patrick’s cathedral

– walk down 5th avenue
• Stop by grand central station (DIDNT DO THIS)
• Empire state building
• Karin’s work
• Madison square garden

– train from Penn station down to see (2 train):
• Brooklyn bridge (DIDNT DO THIS)
• Walk from there by wall street
• Continue on to Battery park to see statue of liberty

– head back north to:
• Chinatown
• Eat dinner in little Italy

– After dinner:
• Head to times square to see the lights at nite

YES we DID ALMOST ALL OF IT – but 2 stops, I walked there ASSES OFF!! mom and aunt beth took forever in central park – i swear they took pics by every freakin tree – just kidding, love you guys – Aub and I were so ready to move on to bigger and better things!!

They got their REVENGE on me though….they all paraded around the city in I HEART NY t-shirts…how embarrassing, oh well they had fun with it. and i posed for a pic with them….

So Mark, Beth, and Aub left Monday and mom and dad were here thru Wednesday. It was so nice to have them here and show them the City I live in and the City I love. I wish they could/would come and visit more often.

I took my parents to a Mets/Cubs game on Monday nite and that kicked off my week of ball games (to be continued in another blog…)!! I love the Cubbies!!!


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