baseball, baseball, and one more baseball – 3 times the baseball

So my parents came here to visit me after my brother’s wedding and if you have ever read my Blog Eamus Catili you will know that I am a HUGE Cubbies fan and my dad is not – he is a cardinals fan (BOOOOOO!!!). The Cubs were here in NYC for 3 days of games against the Mets (which a fun fact – they had to take a train from Maryland to NYC – Juan Pierre said if we keep losing they will start making us take a bus – hahaha). So I decided as part of showing my parents around NYC – I would take the to the Cubs/Mets game on Monday nite! It was a great game, I love being at the ballpark in Summer! I was the only one in our section wearing a cubbies T-shirt (my mark prior t-shirt to be exact) and the CUBBIES WON!! 8-7 It was so nice to come back to the office and rub it in the Mets fans faces – all the ones that tell me daily how much my cubbies suck!

So after the game – I found out that my current favorite cubbie MARK PRIOR would be pitching the Wednesday afternoon game. I have never ever had a chance to watch my husband pitch – so I thought it was time! I was on a mission from GOD to get really good up close tickets to watch him pitch. One of my good guy friends said he would take the afternoon off with me – so a guy in the office that is a huge Mets fan got ahold of his ticket broker and got me sweet tickets for cheap right behind home plate. I felt like i was sitting right next to Mark Prior. And I thought my guy friend was going to kill me because I think every other word out of my mouth was Mark Prior this or Mark Prior that! He pitched a decent game – walked alot of guys but he had no hits! But the cubbies lost in extra innings 1-0. However the loss did not go to my man Prior!

“Prior made his sixth start of the season and second since his latest stint on the disabled list — he was sidelined with a strained muscle on his left side. He lowered his ERA from 8.14 to 6.60 but is winless in nine starts since last September, the longest drought of his career. The 25-year-old Prior walked four in the first four innings, including the leadoff batter three times. He showed some frustration but never folded.
“It’s starting to come around,” Prior said. “I’ve had a lot of freak things happen to me. … I think I’ve got a lot of great years ahead of me.” Cubs first baseman John Mabry went to his knees for Endy Chavez’s sixth-inning grounder toward the hole, and Prior hustled to cover first. That’s when he appeared to run out of gas. Prior walked slowly back to the mound and was checked by Baker. Prior stayed in the game but never looked comfortable during a five-pitch walk to Beltran. Baker then came back out and removed the right-hander. “I was on a short leash going into that sixth inning,” said Prior, who had some cramping in a finger on his pitching hand late in his outing. Prior threw only 56 strikes. He walked a season-high five and fanned three.”

So at this point in the week I had already been to 2 Ball games, which i mean i got to watch my cubbies play twice in one week! And Friday at the office, my friend Michele (who has season tickets to the Yankees) says we have 2 extra tickets would you like to go? I was like SURE WHY NOT!! Make it 3 games in one week! WOO HOO! So on Saturday my roomie and I laid out in the backyard all day and then headed off to Yankee Stadium to meet up with Michele and Ian. However, what I didnt know is that my roomie, Jenn, had ran into our neighbor (whose husband Lou works the games at all the games) and she gave Jenn Lou’s cell # and told her to call him to see if he could get us moved to better seats. So we get there, get our beers and we call Lou – Lou moves us down to awesome seats and brings us pizza!! Well the Yankees got creamed by Tampa Bay – but it was still a great game and a great time!! Afterwards, Michele and Ian joined a group of us for dinner in Times Square and it was just an amazing day, afternoon, and evening! Thanks Michele for the tix! I owe ya!!

Anyways – I AM A LUCKY GIRL!!! Three Ballgames in ONE week – YEP READ IT – 3 in ONE WEEK!


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