Heat Waves, Subways, and Sweaty New Yorkers

Have you ever been in NYC when it is 100+ degrees out??
Down in the HOT Subway Stations – steam basically smoltering off your body – hoping against all hopes that the Subway Car you get into is blasting its Air con.
BUT NO – the one you chose is barely spitting out some hot air and the doors are closing and its too late to move to another car..

Well last week temps were up in the 100’s and the days were miserable. When I woke up in the morning to my air con in my room at full blast I would rifle through my clothes to find the coolest articles of clothing available (and items that no one could ever tell that you had completely sweat through them- becuz on one semi-hot day i had a sweaty incident in a subway car with no aircon and linen pants – not a pretty sight). Most days item of choice were sundresses – Office Appropriate I am not sure but you know what – I didnt care – i always shoved a suit coat in my bag and off I would go.

On those days of the EXTREME heat – most mornings at 6am when i was in the shower the temps were already hitting almost 90 degrees – can you imagine at 6am in the morning???

On my short walk to the bus stop i was already hot and sweaty – now i can think of a few situations where it is not so bad to be hot and sweaty – but trying to get to work – NOT one of THEM!

The buses were never too bad, but the subway stations – i swear sweat was just rolling down my body and there should have been puddles left under me (i am surprised i didnt look like the kid Michele and I saw one day while getting lunch – he was about 8, he just stopped on the corner and peed his pants and a big huge puddle formed under him and everyone jumped back – Michele and I laughed – probably scarred the kid forever – but hey if you are just going to pee your pants on a street corner in NYC you deserve to be laughed at!). Anyways – i digress – i happened to be very lucky on those extremely HOT days i only ended up in a non-airconditioned car ONCE – and thank god i Had my new Jcrew Magazine with me to fan myself. I hate being HOT – unless i am on the beach or at a pool or sunbathing.

Everyone told me how hot and sweltering NYC could be in the summer and I guess I found out…Good thing my office has the BEST AC system ever (i mean we are talking ANTARTICA) – which meant once I got to work I barely left until late at nite when it had cooled off a bit.

I hope to god the 100 degree weather is over – but I really dont want Summer dont be over – I am enjoying my saturdays on Jones Beach wayyy too much!!


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