Ridin in (Subway) Cars with Boys

Have you ever been riding in the subway and you see someone that you are extemely attracted to and you really want to just go up to them and say “Hi, I’m Karin and you are?”

Well there are always hot men on the subway and just every once in awhile I get this urge. But for someone reason I feel like there is this unwritten code – that you just dont start chit chattin with people on the subway. I mean when men, guys, boys whomever start trying to chat me up – I completely ignore them. (Maybe its that whole don’t talk to strangers thing that our parents taught us when we were little…)

Anyways – how is approaching someone in the subway car different than approaching someone at the bar? *Maybe because at the Bar there is usually liquid courage involved and you can blame any embarrasement from rejection on that*

So at the end of last week, I was on my way to and work I was running late. I am on the D train and either 2 or 3 stops after I get on – this gorgeous man gets on and stands not too far from where I am sitting. We both looked each other up and down and proceeded to catch each other’s eyes a few times. After a few more stops, a seat opened up and he sat down.
My heart was racing a little because I thought he was so good looking, BUT i would never say anything to anyone on the subway.
I just couldnt – well I am a pussy when it comes to approaching men anyways – but especially not randomly on the subway.

The train pulls up to the 34th Street stop and I get off and climb the steps to street level, as I walk out the door I hold it open for the person behind me and it is HIM – I think ok there are alot of offices around here.

I continue on down the street and I notice that he is basically step for step right next to me. I walk right by the coffee cart (because I am already running late for work and I wanted to get logged in and I could run back out and get some coffee) and I continue to my office building door.

I stop to open the door and he stops right next to me and follows me in, then follows me into the elevator – I press 4, he presses 3.

It was just the 2 of us in the elevator – ME and the HOT MAN – both with our Ipods on. My heart was pounding – I couldnt believe it – HE WORKS IN MY BUILDING!

Me, being me, I completely ignore his presence and that there is even anyone else in the elevator. Somtimes I can act so stuck up and bitchy…*sigh*

So I share with the girls when I get into the office this story and I joke about how I should run late more often…well yesterday morning, i woke up late as I have been sick and again i am running late to work. I dont see HOT man on the train.

As I hold the door open for someone while leaving the station it is him. And there we are step for step down the street and the whole thing occurs again.

Except this time he makes some attempt to talk to me as I grabbed the office door, I walked in and held the door for open him and he said Thanks – which i could barely hear over my Ipod and for the second door the same thing (but I did not utter a word back). We get to the elevator push the buttons for our respective floors, I lean back against the wall of the elevator and again pretend he is not there. Out of the corner of my eye I catch him glance a few times at me and then “Bing” we are at the 3rd floor and off he goes…..

So, next time if I see him on the subway, do i talk to him?
Is there EVER a time where someone should be so bold and just approach the hot man (or woman) on the Subway?

I have no clue…And i thought i was getting better at what my friends call “my fetal position” reaction around men that I am interested in. I thought I was doing really well since I moved to the city…guess not…guess I took a few steps back with this one.

maybe next time i am running late…..


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