Parting is such Sweet Sorrow…And then there were two…

Well we all knew the time would come when one of us would leave the Tyco world. Today was Michele’s last day…

Michele and I started together (back in the last week of April) – she was the first person I met when I came in on the day that they told us to come in and then they said “OOPS we don’t have space for you yet, we will start you in a few weeks.” Michele and I then started on the same date and in the old office we didnt know too many people so we would just head out to lunch together. We both swore that if we were here for more than a few months (or 3 years like some of the people) we would have the right to kill each other.

Then we moved office locations and everyone seemed a little nicer, the environment was a lot better and we got to know Carolyn. 2 became 3 quickly and we were known as the 3 Muskateers around the office. Usually all three of us we together – if not it was a rare occasion.

Michele took another job and gave Carolyn and I plenty of time to prepare for her departure but I believe the two of us were in pure denial. Pure Denial that one of our three was leaving, pure denial that Michele had a real job and we are still here working in the isle of Tycos with no end in sight….just pure denial. Our 3 Muskateer lunch excursions, shopping trips, coffee trips, ice cream trips, etc etc etc…are now over.

I have made a great friend in Michele and I am so happy for her that she is taking the leap into her new career, but it will not be the same in the office without her. I watched her clean her cubicle yesterday and yet I was still in denial. Today we walked her to Penn Station, Carolyn got her favorite popcorn, Michele and I got cupakes and we all said quick goodbyes, knowing that we will all see each other at Happy Hour and many many more times…because she is not moving away – she just has another job up in the 40’s only 15 or so blocks away.

On a normal day when one of us heads home early and our group IM chats end…one of us usually says “And then there were two…”

That is how our group chat ended tonite…Michele signed off at 5:05 our screens popped up with “Michele has left the chat.”

I wrote to Carolyn “And then there were two…”

can you imagine when the time comes for one of us (Carolyn or I)to leave…………………..then what….

Congrats on your New JOB MICHELE! We Love you and We will miss you SOO Much!


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