Please Get Ready at Home!

Seriously – I am so sick of getting on the Subway in the morning and watching women plop down in a seat, rifle through their bags, pull out a makeup case and proceed in applying their whole face. Seriously, I see it every morning – foundation, powder, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, lip liner, lipstick….the whole deal folks!! I even watched some girl get her powder all over her black pants and sit there and sigh over and over while she tried to wipe it off her thighs.

I am truly sorry if any of my friends do this and I offend you – but COME ON People just get up like 2 minutes earlier and do your make-up at home!!!!!!

If I don’t want to watch you doing it – TRUST ME the MAN sitting next to you, across from you or wherever doesn’t want to watch you either. Maybe some of my feminist friends will jump down my throat for this but…I think the men (and even me!) would appreciate either seeing you sans makeup in general or with it ON before you get on the Subway!

The Subway Car is not your BATHROOM! PLEASE apply the MAKEUP at HOME!


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