RE-Cap of the First Day of the Draft

Yesterday was “THE DAY” – the day our office fantasy football draft kicked off. As the 10 of us (Carolyn and I being the only 2 girls) sat around all morning in anticipation of NOON TIME when the first pick was to be made – we all started the trash talking early.

I actually couldn’t believe that I was nervous and Carolyn was too – she had the first pick, she was afraid the guys were going to “jeerlead” at her pick. My nervousness on the otherhand was “is Manny going to wake up when I call him, so he can tell me who to pick.” I had last pick in the first round (but 1st pick in the 2nd round, so back to back picks). I sat there and watched as people picked the only names on the list I knew – but Manny kept reassuring me that they were all making dumb picks and that we had this in the bag.

My first two picks (or should I say Manny’s) were Tiki Barber (RB) and Edgerrin James (RB). The men from the office strongly applauded my first two (back to back) picks and some yelled “ahh I was going to take him!!” I thought ok Manny must be pickin good guys and I am doin alright…even though I have NO CLUE who those two guys are – and it is for damn sure that they are NOT REGGIE BUSH!! (god he’s hot)

AND Manny wouldn’t let me take Reggie – my boyfriend – so Pieter, one of my bosses, snatched him up. I stormed into Pieter’s office and said “I can’t believe you drafted my boyfriend!!!” The boss boss – Roger – said “Reggie Bush is your boyfriend?” with a funny look on his face. I said “no, my fake boyfriend!!” Another Funny look from Roger. The conversation went on about why I didnt draft him and I told them both that I thought everyone KNEW how much I loved him and they would keep their hands off – a future trade is potentially in the works (but i dont think Manny will like that).

But Manny is the best – he actually logged in as me for a bit when things were getting dicey – to manage my picks for me – and trust me he did some EXCELLENT TRASH TALKING FOR ME!! (of course I had to monitor him from Carolyn’s computer but….he sounded just like me – except when he went into detail about the players, like i know that shit!) Manny seems to think he should get ALL my winnings if I win anything – I am saying maybe MAYBE 50/50.

Manny drafted the controversial T.O. for my team and boy did I get ripped apart for that one…but as always Manny talked smack like the best of them and kept my co-workers in check…

So after DAY 1 this is what my team looks like:

QB 5 (#50) Culpepper, Daunte (QB MIA)
RB 2 (#11) James, Edgerrin (RB ARI)
RB 1 (#10) Barber, Tiki (RB NYG)
WR 4 (#31) Moss, Santana (WR WAS)
WR 3 (#30) Owens, Terrell (WR DAL)
TE 6 (#51) McMichael, Randy (TE MIA)

Now we are just waiting and waiting and waiting for Carolyn to make her picks to get today rolling…she has been sitting on her picks since yesterday evening…seriously she has had all evening, nite and now morning to make these decisions!! LET’S ROLL!!!

I don’t want to be sittin by the pool on Thurs in Miami with my laptop (and the wireless internet) doing my last picks!! HELL NO!!


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