This morning on my commute to work I was taking my usual nap on the Subway and I was RUDELY WOKEN UP (and somewhat startled) by SOME LADY’S RIGHT ASS CHEEK plopping down on MY LEFT THIGH.

I mean I am not a teeny tiny toothpick of a person but I am not wide either – there is space on both sides of my ass and thighs on the little seat marks on the subway – SO THERE IS NO REASON for HER ASS CHEEK to land on my THIGH. She didn’t even say anything…she just squished her ass in the empty spot between me and the person on her other side and HEAVED a HEAVY SIGH. Like I was in her way.

I know subways can be crowded and tight quarters – this is not my complaint – everyone has to squish every once in awhile. BUT HONESTLY – when I go to sit down I look to see where I am sitting – I don’t just PLOP myself on someones thigh – AND if I know I can’t fit my ass in the open spot, I don’t try – I STAND.

I then watched her gesturing to the man that was with her to take a seat between 2 men across from her – he must have seen what had just occurred with her ass cheek falling squarely on my thigh and my startled awakening because as he was backing up to sit down he kept on checking to make sure his ass was going squarely in the seat and NOT about to land on one of the thigh’s of the neighboring men.

I just don’t like rude people. You sit on my thigh – SAY YOU ARE F*&^ING SORRY!! Don’t sigh and give ME nasty looks – There was plenty of room for her to sit her ass down without touching her ASS CHEEK to MY THIGH! (and I was there first BITCH!)


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