Jinxed – yep Jinxed.

Back about three weeks ago I met a guy – I wrote a blog about the nite I met him – BUT that is all I ever wrote about him because I didn’t want to talk about it too much, I didn’t want to JINX it. I liked him – and I liked him alot.

And for those of you that know and love me – know that this doesn’t happen – I don’t let guys get close enough to me for me to actually like them beyond a certain emotional level. Well this one did everything right – it was perfect – I will admit (which will shock the SHIT out of many of you) that I was actually picturing a future with him. Everytime we talked we had a million things to say – my heart fluttered in my chest, i was floating, smiling from ear to ear. A man has not done that too many in a REALLY long time. I was taking things slow, wanting this to be perfect (maybe i put too much pressure on it all). I gave him space, he gave me space. It was a perfect balance for me. We laughed about how I hadnt really experienced Puerto Rico until I had gone with him and how I needed to get a license to carry a gun “because he didn’t want his girl traveling around the city unprotected.” (admittedly freaked me out – but cute that he cared that much).

I let myself feel like I haven’t felt in years, I let all my walls down and left myself wide open. I for the first time in a long time left myself completely bare, vulnerable, and willing to let a man into my life.

Well, I talked about him and us, but as a rule I tried not to talk about him too much and especially to my parents – because I just feel that once I talk to my mom and dad about a man and its too soon to brooch the topic – it is jinxed. JINXED.

Well, my parents saw my little cousin this past weekend and my little cousin and I had exchanged some silly comments back and forth on myspace about our men. And she mentioned this to them….that this one could maybe make me a one man woman and tame her wild cousin. My parents IMMEDIATELY called me and began to question me about him. And against my better judgment I shared stuff with my parents… I told them about him.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT??? I am dead serious about this…

BAM shit turned for the worse, no clue what happened…but I haven’t heard from him in days. (when he usually calls at least twice a day and texts all day). I called him Sunday when I was supposed to and left a message and tried him again….but to no avail and no response from him.

Friends tell me not to worry yet, there has to be a logical explanation. and I say yeah there is – JINXED.


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