I am being molded into a "Little Steve"

This morning I was actually doing some work and I was having to sift thru documents that had been reviewed by others in the office to find the “good ones” for this upcoming deposition. I was getting ridiculously pissed off at the level of HORRIBLE work these people had done. They seriously don’t know their asses from their face (sorry that was harsh) but the point of them going through the docs was to speed the process up and for us and we would just need quality control their work and find the most important documents.

I was ranting and raving all morning. Steve – one of my co-workers with whom I work on depositions with – came over to my desk and sat down in a chair beside me and I kept going off to him and he rubbed his hands together and said in an evil tone:

“YES you have become one of us, ahahaha!”

and continued with:


I always knew Steve had an evil little plan to make me his own little Steve. He told our boss that he wanted me to work on depositions with me – so he could control me – brain wash me – I am sure of it!

Steve did point out to me that even though their work is shotty it is saving me a lot of time and effort and they are basically doing my work for me…so at that point I was like fair enough but still… and he said “I know, I know.”

I wrote to Carolyn a little bit later – I am a “LITTLE STEVE” soon i will be strolling in at 9, 930, 10 and only working 40 hours a week – spilling coffee on the front of my everyday, giggling like a little girl and call the color of the room I painted this past weekend a taupey aqua.

Maybe I have worked here too long….

No offense Steve – LUV YA!

(and if you will all take note Steve is the one who told me way back in early July that I had reached the Pinnacle of my life – see my very first post July 4th)


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