I miss my TURBO

This is more of a plea than a blog about anything real.

It is directed to one person and one person only.


Turbo (AKA my BROTHER) has been promising since June that he would come spend a weekend in NYC with me.

And he is a busy busy busy newly married man that has no time for his fabulously fun lil sis in the City.

When I lived in Massachusetts, I lived with my bro – so he got to see all of this fabulousness EVERY DAY! And I know he was more than ready to get RID of me but Ever since I moved to NYC from Massachusetts in March we hardly get to talk or see each other – AND I KNOW HE MISSES MY ASS!

So TURBO – my plea to you – COME SEE YOUR BABY SIS!

ANY weekend in November works! You name it! I am yours all weekend!!!!!

love ya,


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i am just a midwestern girl living in the big city where i belong, happy and... View all posts by Karin "CoCo"

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