Karin a Football Fan?? What is this world coming to?

Sunday nite I was hanging out with one of my guy friends and we were watching football. I know, I know…I was sitting and watching football. I am having a hard time telling people that, uttering those words hurts my soul.

But what hurts my soul even more – i KNEW the NAMES of the players – i knew who the players were.

Hearing their names being called out by the announcers – the thoughts running through my head were “oh he is a running back….oh carolyn has him on her fantasy team….oh he is good…oh he is wide receiver…oh shit that guy is screwing up my fantasy football points.”

SEE this is what fantasy football has turned me into…. A FOOTBALL FAN. uuuggghhhhh

I have become a man’s dream…a woman who knows useless crap about football and is into football because I am way too competitive for my own damn good and care about everything happening to my fantasy team.

So there it is….Karin has become a Football Fan. I think the Apocalypse has started…


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