I can’t even Play Hooky right…

So yesterday I played hooky from work…slept in until 11. Got up, met Les at 1:00 and we headed off to see Nick – we watched him eat his lunch and then we headed to the seaport to meet Jacob for our lunch. The three of us played Hooky together – it was an amazingly beautiful October day in NYC – 80 degrees out.

We sat outside and had lunch and beers. Then we just sat down by the water snapping pics, talking, watching the water and day-dreaming. We then moseyed along the waters edge to Battery Park and caught glimpses of the Statue of Liberty from afar. I really wanted to do the Staten Island Ferry but the day was already gone it was after 4:00pm by this point.

Jacob had to run off to an appointment, Les said he needed to get home and pick up his dry cleaning before they closed and get dinner started for Nick and I – ME – I felt guilty about playing hooky and I said well I am going to go to work for a few hours. So there it is – on my day of playing hooky I head into work around 5pm to put in 2 1/2 hours. I suck. You would think all of those years of rebelling would make me better at playing hooky from work at 28 years old – guess not…guess the dollar bill always wins out…

However – thanks Les and Jacob for a wonderful day of playing hooky (until 5pm). Love you guys!


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