I wore a scarf today…

mmm Fall has arrived. I know just not long ago I posted a blog about when did Fall come? But I am ready for it now. It is October, yesterday was sunny but had that crisp fall feeling in the air. It made me excited for all things fall…

Carolyn and I were walking over to Penn Station and were chattering on and on about apple picking, pumpkin carving, using carved out mini-pumpkins for chili bowls, zucchini bread, pumpkin bread, Halloween decorations, and gourds (and how Andy hates gourds and freaked out last year when she put some in a bowl on the table – hahaha).

I told her how last year my brother and his wife had a Fall Party at their house – with all things Fall food and drink – cider, chili, pumpkin everything! (bread, pie, etc. etc. etc.) and how Katie bought mini-pumpkins and carved out the middles and used them for bowls for my mom’s chili (mmmmm mom’s chili mmmmm). I then told her that after everyone left the party Jayson, Katie and I carved our big pumpkins – I love to pick out the ugliest pumpkin and name it…sometimes they are sooo ugly they don’t need to be carved(like Warty Last year) – every ugly pumpkin deserves a home too (kinda like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree).

We also went overboard and decided to carve faces on all of the little pumpkin bowls. We each had like 4 or 5 pumpkins to carve it was crazy BUT FUN – Katie’s pumpkins were always perfect with perfect smiling faces AND the pumpkins belonging to Jayons and I were always extremely retarded looking and got worse and worse and worse (that may have been influenced by alcohol – hehe). But Katie just looked at Jay and I and then our pumpkins and said “God I can tell you two are related….”

I have some pics of all our retarded pumpkins somewhere I will have to dig them up and post them.

Do you see Warty there in the middle??? I loved him – so ugly and so not carvable!! BUTTT totally needed a HOME WITH ME!!

I can’t wait to get a pumpkin and carve it this year – ANYONE WANT TO DO IT WITH ME???I love October – i love wearing sweaters, blazers, cords, scarfs, my flippy mittens and boots. Today I have on a scarf and a corduroy blazer…

It is really hard for me to let go of summer – i love lazy days laying in the park reading, days at the beach sun-bathing but when ALL THINGS FALL come Flooding at me…I am ready!!!


P.S. Mom can you send me your pumpkin bread recipe and your chili recipe. thanks! muah! love ya!


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