The Drunk Dialing Phenomenon

The Drunk Dialing Phenomenon.

What is it in Alcohol that makes us pick up the phone and call or text people that we normally don’t talk to? i.e. ex-boyfriends, men that break up with you, old hook ups – etc etc.

What is it? Why do we always think it is an EXCELLENT idea to pick up the phone and make that call? These people don’t want to talk to you when your sober so why do we think they want to talk to us when we are blabbering drunken fools? Because that is attractive and will win them over – I am sure of it – they will come running right back to you after you picked up your phone at 2:00am and dialed their # and then slurred some incoherent message on their voice mail that you don’t even remember the next day…

if someone out there has any words of advice about why drunk people always think this is a good idea please let me know.

also saw this article and this is totally me – i think i need some help:


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