All i want is a PUMPKIN to carve!!!

So a week from tomorrow is Halloween, right?

Well last week Carolyn and I were walking down the street and I saw the coolest white pumpkins. Me loving ugly pumpkins – see a previous blog – thought the white pumpkin was the ultimate pumpkin for me this year. We work in the wholesale flower shop district – so they were everywhere! On the sidewalk at every little shop!

So this weekend I was going to poke around my hood and see if there were any pumpkins – because to be honest with ya’ll I wasn’t really looking forward to dragging home a potentially 4-8lb pumpkin on the subways on NYC. I mean

I will cart home bags full of new shoes – but a pumpkin I thought that was a bit much – the logistics of it all was just too much for me to contemplate.

Picture this:

Imagine me carrying an 8lb pumpkin, my work bag in my 2-3 inch heels walking to the N R W train from work and then transferring at 59th Street to the 4 train then waiting for the bus at my stop and then toting it another 2 blocks after my bus stop to home????


Right, I don’t see me doing it either.

BUT I did NOT go look for pumpkins this weekend. So Carolyn and I went out to get one for me this afternoon and I was going to lug it home. BUT there were NONE – not one single white or ugly pumpkin to be found anywhere – ok one place had orange ones but they were all perfectly round – and I wanted either a WHITE one or an UGLY one.

EVERYONE and their dogs in NYC must have been out buying pumpkins this weekend.

I am depressed I wanted a pumpkin to carve…this may be the first year in a long time (not counting the Halloween I spent in Europe). I will still keep my eyes open this week I guess…

for now I have a little tiny white pumpkin sitting on my desk (too small to carve) and next year I will have to plan better….


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