Fantasy Football League Outing

On Sunday we had our first ever 855 Fantasy Football League Outing. We had set ourselves up for a Sunday afternoon of beer drinking, wing eating, and football watching. Most of you that know me – know that I am definitely game for the first two out of the three….but as for sitting and watching football all day…well i figured as long as i had enough beer.

The crew was meeting at Blondie’s on the Upper West side at 12:30. It was also Brian’s Birthday that day so Carolyn, Andy and I met Brian at the Red Lion at 10:00 for a some Birthday wishes and a little bit of Liverpool Soccer. Brian received the best birthday present ever from the bartender – it was this watch out of the lost and found and when you hit a button on the side a flame came out of the face to light up someone’s cigarette – Andy was enthralled by the watch.

Carolyn, Andy, and I headed out of the Lion to head to the upper west side only to see Steve-o on the train. Andy, have already had a few beers that morning, was going to pee his pants – I really was waiting for him to drain himself on the train…it was amusing.

We got to Blondie’s and settled in – Peter was already there and we got settled into our reserved booth. There were WAY too many TVs with WAY too many games going on – I was overwhelmed and needed beer and wings. Out of our League members 6 of the 10 of us showed up – Me, Carolyn, Steve, Peter, Todd and Lee. It was an interesting mix of people. But fun and we should have another outing soon. And of course all of us were totally interested in our fantasy scores so I kept calling my mom in Iowa and having her go to the computer and update us with the scores. Thanks mom.


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