My new Apartment and moving…

Here are some pics before we moved in…

Well – I AM ALL MOVED IN!! Still a lot of unpacking to do…but mainly clothes and you all know i have A LOT of CLOTHES!!

Thanksgiving weekend I spent packing, packing, packing and moving, moving, moving.
To kick the week off I lost my debit card. So I had to cancel it. To get the $ I needed to pay the movers and to rent the storage unit I had to wire my money from my credit union to my bank of America. Well, on Saturday when the movers were to come – my $$ was still not available. I freaked out and my mom and dad Western Unioned me enough $$ plus some to move. The movers were originally scheduled for Sunday but they called late Friday nite asking if they could come Saturday instead. I said yes – stupid me – knowing that my bedroom was TOTALLY NOT PACKED! My only saving grace was that they were not coming until 3pm. Well Saturday morning rolls around and I am truckin away with my packing, bedroom almost done – Walk-in closet NOT TOUCHED and the movers call and say can we come NOW???? It is noon. I was like uhhh sure. It all worked out in the end though and I am happy the move got done on Saturday instead of Sunday because then I had the whole day Sunday to get things situated and all i have left is the UNPACKING OF THE CLOTHES.

I got rid of so much stuff too it feels good – i was just going through my closet going NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE and just chucking stuff in bags for the Salvation Army. I did that with tons of stuff -more than just clothes. It was time to purge a lot of shit from my life!!

I will post up pics once we get everything completely settled and cute!

I am sooooo excited…it is so nice to be home from work in like 20 minutes. I get extra sleep in the morning. I can just jet across town and not worry about having to take the train all the way to the bronx late at nite. It is so nice…I am happy.

(all i have left to do is go out to the BX tomorrow to clean- YAY!)


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