MUST BE SANTA, Must be Santa, Santa Claus…

Today Carolyn and I planned a morning outing to Macy’s which is just 3 blocks from our office on 34th Street (you know Miracle on 34th Street!) to go visit SANTALAND and the MACY’s SANTA!

I even put on a Green shirt this morning so I would look good in the picture with Santa and so I wouldn’t clash with his RED.

So this morning we counted down until 9am when Macy’s opened and headed over there in the blustery cold. I swear I even saw Snow Flakes – Jenn and Carolyn thought I was crazy – I thought it was a Christmas Miracle.

We entered Macy’s on the first floor with the Splendor of RED and Poinsettias everywhere. And traveled our way up 6 or 7 floors of escalators to Santa Land. As we entered Santa Land it was a choo choo train that we walked thru and the floor even move like chug a chug a chug. It was decorated amazingly (for a little kid that is) and we took plenty of pics (to be soon posted). Because we were so early the line was not too long and the wait was very short. As we came upon Santa there was an Elf there and he asked us where we were from and if we knew what we were going to ask Santa to bring us for Christmas. We all shrugged our shoulders and I said “CRAP I KNEW I FORGOT SOMETHING MY LETTER TO SANTA!”

The Elf then lead us to another Elf that was at the door of Santa’s Room. That Elf I posed for a picture with and he asked us too if we knew what we wanted. I said “I know what I want” and Carolyn shook her finger at me and said “I don’t think Santa can you bring you THAT!” And the Elf said OMG you guys are dirty and laughed.

THEN we got to see SANTA – he laughed with his jolly laugh – HO HO HO! He smiled and patted his to thighs for Carolyn and I to sit on. He said “Sit here on my lap” and then told Jenn to sit on the Box in front of him. He then made Carolyn and I put our arms around him and Hug him and pose for pictures. Then he asked each of us what we wanted for Christmas. I said “A new Fendi bag” He said “ho ho ho this one has expensive taste!” Carolyn said a “new digital camera.” and Jenn said “some new boots.”

Santa then gave us a nice little Holiday lecture: “About how Santa cannot always give every boy and girl everything they want and need but he always tries his hardest. But for us older children Santa will always bring us faith, peace, joy, happiness, and love on Christmas day!”

Good ole Santa Knows the TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS!!

The Macy’s Santa was awesome! And he gave each of us a Santa Puzzle. (which we brought back to the Office and Brian and Bill had a contest to see who could put the puzzle together first – Bill won in 2 1/2 minutes)

To be able to go see Santa at Macy’s on 34th Street in NYC is something I have always wanted to do – the Movie Miracle on 34th Street is one of my favorites and sitting on Santa’s Lap like in the Movie is a dream come true!

After we left Macy’s the three of us were Giddy like little girls. We checked out the Macy’s windows and I snapped some pictures. I can not wait to post the pictures.

I love Christmas. Its the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR.

p.s. – I swear I saw snowflakes on the way back too!

Macy’s Santa Land Theme Lyrics by William Schermerhorn:
Is this the way to Santa Claus?
Which path will lead me there?
Is this the place where dreams come true…
Right here on Herald Square?
Within a World of fantasy –
A land that’s bright and new –
Is this the way, dear Santa Claus?
Will this Path Lead to You?

I have a wish. I have a dream.
Here is where they start.
It’s a gift of joy for each girl and boy…
Come Follow your Heart.


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