A Christmas Miracle..

This year Sam and Sharlynn (my parents) thought they were spending Christmas alone – their first year with no kids. Me being in NYC and Jayson and Katie in Massachusetts and flight prices were outrageous it was almost impossible for anyone to travel to spend the Holidays together.

After a lot of looking and searching, I randomly one afternoon found a flight for under $300 to fly in Christmas Eve. Jayson and I decided to surprise Sam and Sharlynn with me on their doorstep on Christmas Eve.

I contacted Bob and Penny (my parent’s best friends in Iowa) to let them know that I was coming in. The visit stayed a secret and Bob and Penny picked me up at the airport Christmas eve. Bob called Sammy and said he was coming over for some spiked eggnog. Bob rang the doorbell with my suitcase in hand and said “I have one more present for you guys.”

Mom was just standing in the living room saying come in come in and could not figure out why Bob had a suitcase and what could be in it, Dad was downstairs getting the alcohol. I was trying to hide behind Bob in the front door. Finally, Bob stepped to the side and there I stood – but it took my mom at least 20-30 seconds to realize that Karin was there and her hands flew to her cheeks and no words came out of her mouth and she just stood in the living room shaking. Then Dad finally came upstairs (arms loaded with alcohol) and it took him awhile to realize that I was standing there too and Sharlynnn was screaming at him – Sam did you know about this?????? and he was just in shock.

We pulled one over on them – and the scrooges and grinches quickly left the Page house…and as Carolyn would put it the “Christmas cheer” was over a 10 – a 10.5 for Sharlynn. It was a good surprise…a Christmas miracle as mom keeps saying…


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