Orange Crush…

is what I have. A BIG HUGE CRUSH on the FIGHTING ILLINI.

They are the love of my life and always have been. They break my heart…break it…but I still love them, I love the sea of Orange – the obnoxiously orange Orange.

This weekend I flew to Illinois to take in an ILLINI game at Assembly hall with my Uncle Mark. It was Paint the Hall Orange Day and the crowd was a sea of orange.
Even though the Illini lost to #3 in the Nation Wisconsin 71-64…it was a well played game – by most of the players….or I should say by Frazier, Pruitt, Brock, and McBride. Mainly Frazier, if not for Chester that team would have no Heart and Soul.

Chester plays Like Dee – meaning he plays with that energy, aggression, heart and pure LOVE of the game. Chester alone could get the rest of the team pumped up, Chester alone could get the crowd pumped up.

Being in Assembly Hall with almost every person there dressed in Orange was an amazing feeling. The Rush of the Illini band playing the Illini song and the rush of the cheerleaders leading the I-L-L I-N-I chant.

My Uncle and I were so pumped – yelling, screaming, and jumping up and down!! Thanx Uncle Mark for taking me and giving up your Ohio State game tix to switch with your season tix partner Just for ME! Love ya!

The Chief – Chief Illiniwek – also did his infamous half-time dance – the whole crowd was silent, standing and swaying watching him do his dance – the dance that He may only do a few more times – as this is to be the last season Chief Illiniwek is allowed to dance or appear on our apparel. It is mesmerizing and you feel like you are somewhere special and part of something truly amazing.

To read about the History of the Chief click on this link. Chief Illiniwek.

The Rush of Illini Game is amazing. It was like Magic being there – like Disney World to a small child. Chills run over your body – when the team enters the court, when the crowd goes wild, when Chester Raises his arms to get the crowd pumped. It is just amazing and magical. The Spell of the Illini – casting that Orange Crush over you. Never will I have a CRUSH like this in my life. This is my one true CRUSH, my one true love.

I love my Illini and I love my BIG ORANGE CRUSH.

However….I still wish I could have seen Dee play in person while playing for the Illini. I love my Dee.

I had a Great weekend in Illinois with my family – thank you! And as my Uncle and I were saying we should have made it a trifecta – Illini game Saturday Afternoon, Bulls v. Utah Jazz (to see Deron and Dee) on Saturday Nite, and the Bears v. the Saints Sunday afternoon – too bad we weren’t thinking ahead!!

oh p.s. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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