how drunk were you?

Last night we had a C&R Happy Hour for work (now for those of you that do not know what C&R is that is another story for another day). We ventured to the Blue Bar at the Algonquin Hotel in hopes of catching a glance and a martini mixed by Mr. Wong Hoy – the oldest bartender in NYC at 90 years old. Unfortunately he was not there. A group of about 15 of us gathered at the Blue Bar for a few drinks and then deciding it was a bit pricey we headed off to another bar. Well – we ended up at the Cellar Bar – which is just as pricey but really cool and we were able to dance.

After several vodka tonics and shots of tequila…Karin was DRUNK – toasted, gone, wasted…any other word you can think of to describe it. One of my co-workers and I were the last ones to leave around midnight, we both jumped in separate cabs to make our way home (btw it is soo nice to be able to just jump in a cab and go home and not worry about an hour train ride to the bronx).

Well this is where I realize that I am DRUNK. I am watching the meter on the cab and I am digging through my purse for my $ and all i could find were about 6 one dollar bills in my coin purse. I am also flipping out because I couldn’t believe I spent ALL that cash at the bar…

I knew this was NOT enough cash to get me home and I started flipping out as the meter was quickly approaching $5. So I tell the cab drive to pull over and just drop me off where ever we were.

Now see I lost my debit cards and got new ones – but one hasn’t come yet and the other I don’t have the pin for it yet….so there was no way for me to get cash.

I bundle myself up – flip off my stilettos, pull my flats out of my purse – and start walking. I think if I remember right I was somewhere around 60th and 3rd…I think…

It was FREEZING – after midnight – and I was DRUNK.

After walking about 5 blocks – I realized I had put all my cash in the new little Coach wallet that Maryangela gave me for Christmas… so I rummage for that and there sitting is $100. I had the stupid freaking cash the whole time. I flipped my arm up and hailed another cab and got my drunk ass home.


I need to stop drinking vodka OH and NOT EVER do shots of Tequila with Larry and Evan again.

Next C&R Happy hour – i refuse NO SHOTS!

OMG – just remembered another shot that was bought for me by random guys at the bar….

I think I am going to get back on the Wagon.


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