This is Why I LOVE NYC…. Tiki Barber’s Retirement Party

On Saturday night at our housewarming party, Nick and Les informed everyone that they were on the invite list to Tiki Barber’s Retirement Party. Everyone was like you guys suck!! And I was soo extremely jealous – I mean come on – HE was on my fantasy football team, until I made a late in the season trade and ditched him (he wasn’t getting me any points!). BUT 2 gay guys that know NOTHING about football were going to this party – sooo not fair.

So yesterday, I was talking to Les on IM and I asked when is the Tiki party? He said tonight but we are NOT going! I was LIKE WHAT????? HOW CAN YOU NOT GO??? Les said Well Nick has to work at the Home Depot tonight and he won’t call out and I don’t want to go alone. I said SHIT I will go with you!! So after a long day of trying to convince Les to go by himself and then trying to figure out how we could get me in – at 4:30pm – Les writes and says “Well are you coming?? Let’s try to get you in! Party starts at 7:30, get your ass home and change! We are meeting at 6:00 at Nick’s work”

I immediately shut down my computer, run out of work, run home – racking my brain the whole time what am I going to wear, what am I going to wear???? I get to my apartment a few minutes after 5:00, jump in the shower, do my hair and makeup and start throwing things around my room looking for an outfit (as most of you know I have a TON of clothes – so there had to be something in that room somewhere). I seriously have never gotten ready so fast in my life. I walked out of the door at 5:50 to head back downtown.

We got to the party and we were a little worried about Les getting in as Nick and me being the plus one – but we had no problems at all and got in right away.

The party was at the Capitale.
It is a really cool place down in Chinatown that only hosts special events.
There was a ton of food and alcohol and the place was buzzing with people.
Les and I stood and watched the red carpet for awhile and Amani Toomer – wide receiver for the Giants was on the carpet while we were watching and he was on there forever and ever. We got really bored with that. But Toomer ended up about 5 feet from us after he left the carpet into the Ballroom, he’s hot – the tall skinny white chic with him was not that cute though..i was surprised…

We also saw Bon Jovi and we were about 5 feet away from him while he was walking through the crowd into the VIP section. Tiki’s brother was there too and as far as I know those are the only celeb sitings I made… Crap I am clueless with that stuff so I probably saw a ton more but oh well.

Tiki was up on the stage speaking a few times and the last time I was about 10 feet away from him and got some really good pics of him. I was dared by a friend to tackle him if I got that close to him and I said I would – only if he came to bail me out of jail. I didn’t do it and he called me a punk….I didn’t really want to get thrown in jail.

Les left around 9:45 and I stayed and chilled with some of Nick’s co-workers from the advertising agency. After they left I just wandered around by myself for awhile and took it all in and then headed home…in the snow, lots and lots of snow…

The party was a lot of fun – I was expecting something a little more off the hook and some more celeb sitings but it was still an amazing experience. The crowd was full of old white men, gay men, and I would say semi-stuffy people but it was still fun. I think if some of my girls had been there with me we could have gotten our asses into the VIP section.

When we left we got autographed pics of Tiki and I scammed my way into getting 2.

See this is why I love NYC – you never know where you may end up each night or where you can find yourself. Who ever would have thought that I would have been at Tiki’s retirement party last night?? Not me!! But in NYC you just never know…you just never know….


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