off of my game..

man was I off my game yesterday. Both Jen and Christina witnessed how off my game I was…. I don’t know if it was my cold or my cold medicine making me fuzzy and loopy but I am usually the Queen of Witty or Flirty or Cute comebacks for almost any situation and yesterday – yesterday – I HAD NOTHING. My game was off….totally off.

A guy wrote me an email and it seriously took me almost 4 hours of contemplation to come up with something even remotely witty and flirtatious. Christina was just like gurlll come on usually you can just spit these things out without even thinking. I was like I know, I know, I don’t know whats wrong with me.

Then Jen was asking for advice on something witty to reply to a guy and I was like I have Nothing. NOTHING. Nothing. I am of no help to you. I couldn’t come up with crap. My game was so far gone it was not even funny. Jen was just staring at me like I was another human being and like I was not Karin sitting in front of her.

I really hope it is just my cold medicine because I don’t think I can handle not being on my game.


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