Dull? my life is not!

….is what i found myself saying to my roommate, Jen, as I scrubbed puke off my floor Saturday early evening.

as most of you know I recently bought myself a new camera, a new phone, booked myself a week vacation to CABO SAN LUCAS – 9 days from now – and a week vacation to Miami in April.

I was soooo pumped about all of this – especially my new camera. I have been dying for a new camera for awhile now and just waiting for my bonus check to come to purchase it. I am like the paparazzi – I LOVE to take pics of everything and every event.

Well this weekend was a big weekend. My friend Stephanie was flying in from Chicago Friday night – we hadn’t seen each other in like 5 or 6 years. And Jayson (my brother) and his wife Katie were visiting this weekend too.

Friday night, Stephanie was flying in so Jen and I waited around the apartment ordered in food and had a vodka tonic while waiting for her. After many delays, she finally arrived and we headed out to a lounge to meet up with some other friends. Well, we get there and Stephanie realizes she left her ID at my apt, so back we hop in a cab and back to the East side. Well, we don’t know why (it definitely was not alcohol induced because I barely had any) but I started to puke my guts out in the cab and me being the considerate person I am – I decide to PUKE IN MY PURSE – so I wouldn’t get it all over the cab. Aren’t I nice???? Someone said Man, the purse must not have been one of your favorites then? I was like noooo it was – I got it at a flea market in Den Haag, The Netherlands and I have never seen anything like it…I love it (and it is probably ruined forever). BTW – YES you read that CORRECTLY – I PUKED IN MY PURSE!

And I continued to puke all over my room, my floor, my clothes, in some shoes, my sheep skin rug, my jacket, my bed….EVERYWHERE! The problem is 1) I wasn’t drunk and 2) no one could have slipped me anything because we had been anywhere (unless I tried to roofie myself as my brother pointed out), so we think I had food poisoning or a flu bug or something. But I have to tell you I don’t remember anything after the puking commenced. And this is where another problem lies: MY BRAND NEW CAMERA – MIA! NO where to be found.

My assumption: I thought well I will puke in my purse, took camera out so wouldn’t puke on it and left it on the seat in the cab. Therefore GONE forever in the streets of NY. GONE $300 GONE, my week old camera GONE. My new camera for CABO – GONE. sooo depressed over this, but I have basically written it off and trying to find how i can get another one before Cabo. (oh did i mention I leave in 9 DAYS!!)

So there I was Saturday early evening – after spending the day with Stephanie wandering the city, catching up, finding ourselves in backs of “nail salons” in china town, and shopping – scrubbing my room down with Clorox cleanup, orange wipes, febreeze – everything. Sitting on the floor of my room saying to Jen – “Well, at least my life is never Dull…nope never a Dull moment with me around.”

I pulled my sick ass together again to spend the evening with Jayson and Katie for a wonderful dinner at One (also with Jen and Rachel). http://www.onelw12.com It is a great restaurant and a great place to chill on the weekends. Then we headed to La Caverna – for some more drinks, dancing and to meet up with Stephanie and her friend Stefania. Sorry everyone that I was sick and not at my prime, but I am glad everyone had a good weekend!

I spent all day Sunday in bed – only time I got out of bed was when my pancakes arrived via delivery man.

So there you have it – I PUKED IN MY PURSE (and I wasn’t even drunk) and I LOST MY NEW CAMERA. I hope things turn around soon…otherwise my trip to Cabo with Christina could be an adventure we didn’t plan on.


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One response to “Dull? my life is not!

  • Anonymous

    Roofied yourself? hilarious. One time I got myself drunk, told myself how beautiful I was and then took myself home. The sex was incredible but the next morning I told myself I would call sometime…but I never did.

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