My Torrid Love Affair PART DUEX

Last night the snowflakes started to fall, Evan and I walked out of Macy’s and I jumped up and down and went OHHHHH SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW…ITS SNOWING!!!!!!! YEAH!!
A few people actually looked at me like I was crazy.

Then we walked a few blocks and it was more like ICE hitting our faces – the wind was whipping it so hard that it was just pricking our faces. I was like ughhhhhh…snow not so fun, I only like the big pretty fluffy flakes but it didn’t get too me too much I was still on the side of LOVING SNOW!


this morning. It was all over. It has turned to complete Hatred. CABO SAN LUCAS in 7 DAYS. is all i can keep thinking and spring will be here in no time.

of all days – Valentine’s Day and my love affair with Snow for this year has ENDED. I got up peeped out the crack in my shade saw ok a little bit more snow but that is all i saw. I put on jeans, my hot pink sneakers and socks (yes Peter I WORE SOCKS!). I contemplated the rain boots for a moment then thought nah doesn’t look that bad out.

I step outside and there is snow on the side walks…maybe maybe close to 2 inches…but as I trudge along it turns into slush and it is snowing out still but not fun snow this is wet almost rain like snow – sleet and it hurts when the wind kicks up.

I get to the bus stop and tons of people are waiting. I think the bus is going to take FOREVER this morning, I will just walk to the subway station. NOT too bad of a walk – put my scarf, stocking cap and gloves on and trudged forward. Get to the subway and I am not too wet…my feet slightly damp. NOT too bad.

I get off the subway, walk to work, stop at the Coffee Cart get my coffee, cross the street to the office and



NOW my feet are ICE COLD, DRENCHED, DIRTY, and my pants are WET almost up to the KNEES!

I am shivering, cold, and wet. I am sitting here at my desk with wet jeans on and bare feet. My shoes and socks are chillin off to the side trying to dry.


P.S. 2 hours later after I originally posted this – I am sitting at my desk with Peter’s socks on – a guy in the office – with his extra pair of socks on. I hate feet, this completely skeeves me out…but I was so cold I had no choice. My shoes and socks – still completely soaked.


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2 responses to “My Torrid Love Affair PART DUEX

  • Kar Kar


    hours and hours later…

    peter has taken his socks back to wear home about 4 hours ago…

    my shoes are still damp and my socks are too…

    looks like i will be heading home tonight with wet footwear, but what does it matter i am sure it is still a SLUSH filled world out there.

  • Anonymous

    The only things my significant other wanted for Valentine’s day were cigarettes and batteries. At first I thought “Wow, that’s easy enough” but now I’m not so sure its a good thing.

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