My Funny Valentine

Valentine’s Day – eh it doesn’t really mean much to me. But I found my day more than slightly amusing. At work I share a desk with a guy – he is funny. We have one of those old married couple relationships or a brother/sister relationships – where we either fight fight fight and want to kill each other or laugh hysterically and have a ton of fun.

Well Valentine’s Day – I walk in and my desk partner says to me “Where is my Valentine’s Present??” I said “Bri, your present is me – I am your Valentine for the day. I am giving you me, you get to spend the WHOLE day with me. You know how many men would kill to spend the whole day with me but yet I choose to spend it with you.”

He said “Oh well yes that is a GREAT present – who wouldn’t want it and of course the fact that I have to put up with your bullshit all day is fabulous and also that you choosing to ‘spend your valentine’s day’ with me has nothing to do with you also get paid to sit here at work all day and I just happen to sit next to you.”

Then later in the day I said “Bri where is my present?'”

He says “well you know i ordered you flowers and they just haven’t shown up. I am soooo mad, I can’t believe your flowers haven’t been delivered….grrr I am mad.” This was after Andy had sent Carolyn flowers that NEVER showed up. Bri went on and on about using that same company as Andy and he couldn’t believe that they didn’t deliver my flowers or Carolyn’s.

Anyways – we went on with this charade into Thursday and we were out for Bday Drinks for Dan’s Bday and someone asked “How was everyone’s Valentine’s days?” I jumped right in and said “Oh well my day was PERFECT – Bri was my valentine and I gave him the best gift he could possibly get – sitting next to me ALL DAY LONG!!”

Everyone had a good laugh because everyone knows how much Bri absolutely loves to sit next to me and how much the 2 of us fight. ahhh what a dumb day.


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